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Whitley Handle Packaging:

Our products are normally bundle tied and palletized. Bundle sizes vary according to the size. Pallets loaded with "12 Packs"(a dozen handles nicely packaged - strapped tight with cardboard end caps) is a very popular package option. We can "custom package" according to your needs.

Custom Labeling of Wood Handles:
A very popular value added service that we provide is the labeling of pallets and bundles available.

We can even apply stock UPC labels or your custom labels to individual pieces.

STANDARD WOOD HANDLES: Whitley Monahan Handle Company

click picThe following is a list of some of our most popular products. Should you have a specific need that is closely related to the products listed below, please call us to discuss your particular situation.

Wood Handles

  • Wood Handles: Broom
  • Wood Handles: Mop (Mop Stick
  • Wood Handles: Toilet Plunger
  • Wood Handles: Push Broom
  • Wood Handles: Shovel
  • Wood Handles: Tool
    (requiring long straight wood handles)

General Specifications:

  • Dowel (Shaft) Details
  • Type of Wood: Pine and also Various Hardwoods
  • Length of Wood Handle: 12" to 72"
  • Diameter of Wood Handle: .75" to 1.5"

Tooling Details for ends

  • Threaded End Wood Handle: 3.5 to 6 threads per inch
  • Tenoned End Wood Handle: .50" to 1.25" length tenon
  • Tapered End Wood Handle: 1° to 16° taper
  • Metal Threaded End Wood Handle: standard metal threads - hex head metal threads also available

Custom Specialty Wood Handles:

  • Custom Diameters to .005" tolerances

End Options Available for Whitley Wood Handles

Whitley Handle offers a wide variety of stock or standard wood handle TIP options. Custom tips, according to your specifications, are also available.

  • Wood Handle with Tapered End:
    Tapers ranging from 1° to 16° - wood handle end diameters from 1/2" to 1"
  • Wood Handle with Threaded End:
    Thread Range - 3.5 threads per inch up to 6 threads per inch
    Thread diameters from 1/2" to 7/8"
  • Wood Handle with Tapered AND Threaded End:
  • Wood Handle with Tenoned End:
    tenon diameters range from 1/2" to 1 1/8" - varying lengths up to 4"
  • Wood Handle with Metal Threaded End:

Special Capabilities & Services of Whitley Handle include:

  • Complete Surface Preparation (sanding, cutting, trimming),
  • Staining & Painting
  • Custom Tooling of Metal Threads and other special ends such as tapered, threaded, tenoned, tapered AND threaded
  • plus Special Packaging and Custom Labeling.

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