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QUESTION: We have become dissatisfied with our current wood handle supplier and are looking for a new source. What are the main reasons why I should consider selecting Whitley Handle, Inc. as my new supplier?
click picANSWER: We have been serving satisfied REPEAT customers since 1960. We are in a very competitive industry and some buyers view a "handle purchase order" as just a simple commodity. However, what really set's Whitley Handle apart (and above) others in our industry is the perfect blend of consistent high product quality combined with very competitive pricing and topped off with fast, friendly and reliable customer service.

QUESTION: What kind of wood do you use to manufacture your wood handles?
ANSWER: Pine is the most popular but we also use several exotic hardwoods such as Tauari, Merswa, Ashe, etc. that have proven to be exceptionally strong and durable.

QUESTION: Do you make special wood handles to customer specifications?
ANSWER: Certainly! We take great pride is designing & manufacturing wood handles according to your particular requirements. We do have minimum and maximum ranges, due to the type of process & production machinery we have, but we can usually mass produce a handle that meets & exceeds the needs of the most every request.

QUESTION: We require a specific type end or tip to the wood handles we need.
Can you tell me more about that aspect of your production capabilities?

ANSWER: Our wood handles have a variety of different ends, most of which are standard in our industry.
Ends available include: tapered, threaded, tenoned, tapered & threaded and metal tipped with threads.
We also can drill, one or more ,head mounting holes depending on your particular requirement.
Click Here for more details on our wood handle TIP OPTIONS.

QUESTION: What is the minimum (and maximum) size order per shipment?
ANSWER: Initial minimum order for standard or stock wood handles is 100 handles.
Initial minimum order for custom or made-to-spec wood handles is 100 handles.
Repeat order size from existing customers ranges from 100 handles to a truckload.

QUESTION: How fast can I expect to receive delivery once my order is placed?
ANSWER: We take great pride in our superior customer service and can normally ship an order within
1-14 days after receiving new orders. Repeat orders, with your Purchase Order #, may be phoned, faxed or emailed into us.

QUESTION: What are your payment terms and other conditions?
ANSWER: 1% ten days / net 30 days is our standard payment arrangement.

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